Jasper Jordan-Lang
Jasper Jordan-Lang
b.1996, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.
Lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne

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Jasper Jordan-Lang is a Melbourne-based artist working across various media, primarily sculpture and film.

Jordan-Lang interrogates the urban landscape through a speculative lens, imagining a collapse of distinction between past, present, and future. A process which begins with walking, observation, and documentation, quickly devolves into a web-like world of urban mythmaking, local history, and apocrypha.

Focussing on aspects of the urban environment such as indexical, transitory marks, as well as infrastructural and utilitarian textures, Jordan-Lang highlights the inherent strangeness of the everyday and the connection of the physical to the imagined, the real to the fictious. Subculture, rumours, and physical clues in the public domain are thus a blank canvas for non-specific, implied narrative. Within this, details of his immediate surroundings are re-interpreted as out of place artefacts in an imagined future.  

Jordan-Lang’s work is held in numerous private collections in Australia.