Alexis Kanatsios
Beth Maslen
Jasper Jordan-Lang
Trent Crawford

Early-Spring 2022

-35.31847784452275, 149.00979810077274 (See map)
Yale-Columbia Telescope, Mount Stromlo, Canberra/Kamberri

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“HEAVEN” includes a selection of alien art - artworks which look toward the heavens, to consider what is ‘out-there’, beyond the boundary of our senses, formulated through objects and images which appear to us as foreign, of another time or place, or made of another substance entirely. 


Beth Maslen is an artist from Perth currently living in Melbourne. She graduated from Monash University (BFA Honours) in 2021, and was awarded the Sue Rose Award, and was a finalist in Hatched: National Graduate Show 2021, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA).
     Interested in the ways that wonder can be generated by engaging and reconfiguring the material of her everyday, Beth’s work often combines found objects with considerable material research and processes.
      Currently her practice circles around sculpture, observation and photography.


Alexis Kanatsios is a Melbourne-based artist. He graduated from Monash University (BFA with Honours) in 2021, and was awarded the Damiano Bertoli Memorial Award.
    The ‘object’ is a core component in Kanatsios’ practice. Through a number of sculptural and drawing processes, Kanatsios utilises a unique visual language to explore relationships between form and image. Kanatsios’ work blurs the line between representation and abstraction, appearing at once recognisable and uncanny. Engaging with the aesthetics of design, art history and ‘the everyday’ as a tool to navigate curiosity; Kanatsios defines relationships between form, image and audience, creating a new context for the everyday and fantastical to become increasingly ambiguous.
    Recent exhibitions include Foul is fair (2021), at Asbestos, Melbourne. Kanatsios is participating in upcoming exhibitions at Bossy’s, Melbourne; Al Fresco, Canberra; and Asbestos, Melbourne.

Trent Crawford is a Melbourne-based artist working with photography, video, and installation. His work considers the influence images and image-based technology have on notions of truth, belief and agency.
    In recent years Crawford has exhibited artworks at Palazzo San Giuseppe (Italy), Ace Open (Adelaide), Metro Arts (Brisbane), Hobiennale (Hobart), Myojuji Sarue (Tokyo), Kuiper Projects (Brisbane) and held a solo exhibition at Discordia (Melbourne), c3 (Melbourne), ARTnSHELTER (Tokyo) and Auto Studio (Beijing). He was awarded the Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship (2017) and the Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship (2022), which he used to travel to Lisbon to participate in the Maumaus Independent Study Program.

Jasper Jordan-Lang is a Melbourne-based artist working across various media, primarily sculpture and film.
    His work 
interrogates the urban landscape through a speculative lens, imagining a collapse of distinction between past, present, and future. A process which begins with walking, observation, and documentation, quickly devolves into a web-like world of urban mythmaking, local history, and apocrypha.
    Focussing on aspects of the urban environment such as indexical, transitory marks, as well as infrastructural and utilitarian textures, Jordan-Lang highlights the inherent strangeness of the everyday and the connection of the physical to the imagined, the real to the fictious. Subculture, rumours, and physical clues in the public domain are thus a blank canvas for non-specific, implied narrative. Within this, details of his immediate surroundings are re-interpreted as out of place artefacts in an imagined future.
    Jordan-Lang’s work is held in numerous private collections in Australia.